Monday, August 2, 2010

Tool TIme

Professional Development

Since I am both the technology teacher and the technology coordinator I have a dual role of teaching our students as well as our staff in integrating technology tools into our classrooms. To make sure staff feel comfortable with the many new Web 2.0 tools I am planning on a series of instructional podcasts and a blog site for feedback and additional resources for all content areas. I have chosen this plan for I do not want to teach technology in isolation of it being applied in all content areas within our curriculum. That does not mean this plan ignores my students learning needs as they are included in this project as stated below.

The plan is to introduce tools such as podcasts, blogs, wikis. Twitter, Voicethread, Skype, Google tools, Teacher Tube and Internet safety issues throughout this school year. Not all teachers will take advantage of this resource but I will also be introducing our students to these tools so that even though a classroom teacher may not yet feel comfortable using the tools they will have students who could assist them with the technology integration portion of the classroom lessons.

I will not identify the technology standards here other than my plan to refer to the ISTE NETS for students, teachers and administrators in identifying the technology outcomes.


  1. I like the idea of giving both the students and teachers the same tools, so that they can work together and learn together gaining a mutual respect if it hasn't already been created.

  2. I love the idea of doing a blog for staff development ideas. I will be doing the same thing. Step 1 will be getting my staff on Google Reader so they can start subscribing to mine, as well as other blogs. I had previously used Thunderbird to collect the few blogs that I read. Google Reader has really allowed me to subscribe to, and manage more blogs, more effectively.

  3. Staff development is huge! If the staff doesn't have the exposure and experience with these tools, how on earth can we expect them to use them effectively in lessons with students! Great job :)

  4. I agree that giving students and teachers the same tools is essential. Plus, utilizing a blog is such a quick and easy way to broadcast news out to a staff. Some may resist at first, but if students and teachers are expected to utilize the technology, they simply will.

  5. I think this is a very cool idea! It's challenging to get PD in and doing it in little chunks utilizing some of the Web 2.0 tools you mentioned might make it less overwhelming to your teachers.