Sunday, August 1, 2010

incorporating blogs into the art classroom

  1. Descriptive title for idea/lesson - I would like to create a classroom blog which will feature ongoing participation through the year, dedicated to each topic of study. For this particular lesson I would like to dedicate it to the introduction of digital photography. Students will learn how to upload their photographs to the class blog, along with how to use the camera, how the camera became digital, and how it is viewed in society. They will then describe their experience using their digital camera, pros and cons along with a description of 2-3 selected photographs. Students will review other students artwork, giving feedback which will incorporate vocabulary and new concepts of digital photography.
  2. Summary of idea/lesson, including grade-level and content area: grades 9 and 10, art/photography
  3. Ohio Content Standard(s) targeted through the lesson/idea: Creative Expression and communication, analyzing and responding,


  1. I think this would also provide a great opportunity for you to share the student work with professional photographers in your area. It's one thing for fellow classmates to interact and discuss peer work but to have an experienced professional provide suggestions/encouragement would even add more engagement to the project.

  2. I just got into digital photography myself. I'm not sure that I am "great" at it but I do alright. I think everyone has some creative side waiting to come out and this is a wonderful way to give your students an alternative outlet to create something they can be proud of.

  3. Good idea! I think I might be able to use your idea for my 8th grade computer literacy class. I really like this idea!!!

  4. Love it! I think blogs and wikis have so much potential in the Art classroom!